Jason M. Glover's writing interests range from speculative fiction to creative nonfiction.


Cleft: A Memoir - In Progress

Jason was born with a facial deformity. A cleft lip and partial cleft palate. Three childhood surgeries may have repaired the split in the center of their face, but the doctors couldn’t fix the split within—the one that left them feeling permanently ugly and unlovable. Cleft takes a clear-eyed look at how toxic masculinity preys on these sorts of insecurities in young men, damaging the ways they relate to women—and to themselves.


The Perception Experiment

"With The Perception Experiment, Jason Glover has created a new genre: the sacrilegious hard-boiled Apocalyptic novel. Adept in streaming literary magic, he's conjured a contemporary cinematic variation on the Book of Revelation with words alone. The Perception Experiment fiercely questions the function of belief. 'Becoming Too Aware' is the protagonist's bad trip in an ironic dystopia where pervasive, friendly-sinister theocratic repression provokes his contention with Lucifer and God. Paradoxically, it takes a devout artist to issue such a work. The Perception Experiment is a lively philosophical, torrentially poetic antidote to the Left Behind books." —Stephanie Mills, author of Epicurean Simplicity and In Service of the Wild