About Jason M Glover

Jason M Glover started writing poetry and short fiction in second grade and has a background in journalism and feature-writing for regional publications. They spent four years writing and publishing Thirdeye Magazine, a celebrated arts and culture periodical that was based in northern Michigan. Jason was also heavily involved in various forms of activism — from the antiwar movement to the environmental movement.

After moving to Portland, Oregon in 2008, Jason cofounded a tech startup that received venture capital investment. There, they witnessed firsthand the disastrous effects of toxic masculinity and wealth addiction in the tech industry—subjects they are now passionate about illuminating through their writing. Jason is also interested in writing about gender identity, sexuality and relationships, overcoming mental health issues, the effects of technology and capitalism on the natural world, and quiet moments that cut to the deeper truths of the human experience. They believe storytelling has the power to transform us and awaken us to who we really are. 

They've stayed involved with the print world by volunteering at the Independent Publishing Resource Center — where they received a certificate in creative writing. In their spare time they study Eastern philosophy, folklore, myth, and oral storytelling.

Jason was born on the shores of Lake Michigan in the early '80s. They identify as queer/nonbinary and prefer they/them/their pronouns.